Episode 31: Love Birds

It's a first in the already tragically long SSEU Podcast history: this episode features a couple! Erica ranks reality TV shows, Rick mocks Erica's knowledge of movies, there's counting, inappropriate movie quotes, youth basketball, Jude Law, and much more!  

Episode 29: Quadruple Frontier

The guys are not alone on today's podcast! They're joined by the podcast's executive producer and poet-in-residence for two (2!) new poems. Our four hosts of the week also talk about Triple Frontier, high school sports, Skidmore's Quidditch team, and much more!

Episode 26: Clerically Ranking

The podcast gets a holy guest from north of the border (where's that wall?) and have him rank movies. Thomas is happy that there's finally a priest on the podcast, Chris feels vindicated after the most recent Sub-Beacon episode, and Ryan is yelling about baseball.