Episode 21: Fyre the Hosts

Our three beloved idiots are back again. They'll talk about the Fyre festival (just like everyone else these days), the official Oscar nominations, have a quiz, and Thomas gets in character for this week's movie quote.

Episode 20: Punching Dogs and Turing Tests

Left to their own devices without a guest, our award-winning hosts revisit the dog punching story from the New Year's episode. What actually happened between Ryan and the dog? Meanwhile, Chris is doing his part for the environment and Thomas has been to IKEA.

Episode 19: All Things West Coast

How's the Subbeacon crew doing in the awards season? Is Sonny really going to win? The SSEU podcast recruits outside help to provide answers. Also in this episode: everything you didn't know that you need to know about Comic-Con, another quiz, and a trip to a car dealership.